I Don’t Like Being Censored. Do You?

Did you know that when you “like” or “follow” a page on Facebook you may or may not see the articles and posts from that page? You may not see the posts from your friends. Sure, you’ll get a few articles and posts in the beginning, but then within a few days the notifications fall off considerably. I always contributed this to a lack of content from the authors or thought my new friend just flared out on stuff to post.

Would you believe me if I told you this isn’t the case? It’s Facebook limiting what you see, or more accurately what they think you want to see.

I personally don’t like this. Shouldn’t the trouble you take to “like” or “follow” a person or page be a clear indication to Facebook that I want to see what that person is posting, or what information the page has to offer?

See my video on how to fix this…

I understand that Facebook has to protect their brand by keeping relevant content for their users front and center. I would have a much easier time believing that was Facebook’s only motivation if I wasn’t seeing so many advertisements and political rag posts. Where are my friends?

Is there a solution?

There is, actually there’s two solutions. The first solution requires your input. When you see content, pictures, or posts from anyone you “want” to see stuff from later, MAKE SURE you ALWAYS like, comment, or share the post. Even if you don’t necessarily think it will solve world hunger or isn’t all that fabulous, do it! Why? Because this is Facebook’s qualifier. This is how they figure out if you really want to see more of the same. Even family members living two doors (maybe two states) down, won’t continue to show up on your feed if you don’t like their posts. Facebook will stop showing you their content thinking you don’t want to see it anymore.

So, instead of looking, laughing and thinking, “Oh, that’s cool” and moving on, click “Like”!

The second solution is to change your Facebook notifications to show new content from friends or pages you “follow” or “like”. Don’t worry, you won’t be sorting through junk for days. You can turn this off at any time.

So how do you change your notifications? It’s super simple. Watch my video and I’ll show you exactly how. It will help you navigate through the Facebook menus. Easy squeezy…

And… If you like this video and find it helpful, please “like” the video, and share it with your friends. Ha ha!

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