One of the most dreaded moments for those of us over 45 years old, is realizing we’ve forgotten our reading glasses. At a restaurant, filling out a form at the doctor’s office, even while shopping the aisles of Costco, the gut-wrenching feeling is all too familiar. The crunched up faces and odd noises some of us make upon our realization is hilarious.

Hilarious if it’s not you. If this was the first time you left your glasses at home, no biggie. But, if you’re like me you don’t want the stigma that comes with hanging your reading glasses around your neck, so they become an extra accessory you have to remember to grab on your way out the door. Keys, wallet (purse), phone, and…reading glasses. Got it! Ha, ha, not me! Usually, it’s keys, wallet, and phone. Off I go. Bummer, right? Forgot the glasses.

Well, guess what? Not a bummer anymore. This great tip works every time. Now you can look cool instead of looking old(er). Follow along below, or watch our video (it’s short) as we jump into how, even when you forget those little readers, you can read text like your in your 20’s again.

STEP 1 – Get Your Phone Out

Get your phone out of your pocket, purse, or wherever you keep it. If you’re like my mom, she needs 4 NORAD satellites, 3 triangulated locator beacons, 2 flashlights, and a shovel to find anything in her purse (just kidding mom, love ya). With phone in hand move on to step 2.

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STEP 2 – Bring Up Your Camera

For iPhone users, you can swipe up and press the camera icon or unlock your phone and open the camera app.

For Android users, if you have the “Marshmallow” update and you’ve set the camera app to open by pressing the power button twice, do this to bring up your camera. If not, unlock your phone and open the camera app.

STEP 3 – Point Your Camera

I know for some people this may seem obvious, but for others not so much. The camera is usually located on the back of your phone (non-screen side) and off to one side. I personally know someone that takes close-up pictures thinking the camera is directly in the middle of the phone. Never works well.

After you have your camera app open, take a look at your phone and point it at the text you’d like to read.

STEP 4 – Zoom In

OK, almost there. Now you need to zoom in so you can read the text.

For iPhone users, you can use a “pinching” method. Put 2 fingers on the screen at the same time and move them apart to zoom in. If doing this with one hand is not easy, you can use two thumbs. Once you get the zoom started, a “zoom slider” will pop up on the bottom of the screen (see image). You can use the button on the slider to zoom in and out or continue with the pinching method.

For Android users, it really depends on your camera app. Some camera apps allow you to “triple-tap” the screen to zoom, some allow the use of the volume buttons, and still others have a “magnify” icon to zoom.

Zoom in and move your phone up and down the text you want to read. Just as if your phone was a really fancy (and expensive) magnifying glass.

Enjoy never having to worry about taking your reading glasses with you!

How to zoom in when taking pictures on an iPhone.
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