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Hi All!
Here’s your weekly dose of “Friday Fives,” a list of five things I’ve found worthy, or at least entertaining, during my week.

What?! I ran out of my East 270 supplements!

Most Entertaining Image –

Cute puppy and funny exercise quote.

This is sooo… something I would do! I love it. Added our own spin to this. I hope you enjoy.

Rocking Video –

Our semi-theme this week is dogs. I know it may seem shameless to post funny dog videos because in the end they make everyone laugh, but I had to do it. I couldn’t help myself. Enjoy.

FYI Of The Week –

Model with dog.

Whoops! More dog stuff. Yes, believe it or not it seems that most of us sleep better with our dogs. Maybe it’s because us guys snore so much. I’ll never admit it. From

You Gotta Be Kidding Me –

I found this story very interesting. What would you do if you knew your house was built out of diamonds? Even more strange is the way the diamonds were formed. Quick read, but full of fun facts. Traveling to Germany? Maybe make this one of your stops. From

Drone shot of city.

Something I learned This Week –

Big zero.

While you’re freezing this winter, think about what -10 degree felt like before the invention of Zero? Roughly 1,500 years ago. Sounds like a world I could live in. Nice and warm.

Ha ha, no! You’d still be freezing, but you wouldn’t have had the negative numbers or decimal fractions to show it without our little buddy, zero right there in the middle. Its adoption by Indian mathematicians in the 7th century allowed the first use of numbers in a way that had never been seen before. More on it from

From all of us at Galactic Headquarters, thanks for checking out our “Friday Fives”.

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