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Hi All!
Here’s your weekly dose of “Friday Fives,” a list of five things I’ve found worthy, or at least entertaining, during my week.

What?! I ran out of my East 270 supplements!

Most Entertaining Image –

Funny baby image.

Way too funny! I remember the first time my mom said, “My name is Marie.”

Rocking Video –

Do you like to amaze your friends? This guy shares an awesome and super easy card trick. Check this out and be a hit at your next gathering or party.

FYI Of The Week –

Proper grammar.

Are you over 40? Haha! Guess what this debate continues today with all ages. Stop doing this… Enjoy the update from Jennifer Gonzalez. Check her out. She has a cool blog centered around teaching.

You Gotta Be Kidding Me –

Sapphire and rubies glore. That’s crazy! A planet made out of gems. Check it out.

Planet and sun.

Something I learned This Week –

Old quarters.

Have you ever wondered about why we don’t pronounce these two states the same? Me too, Madi yells! Check it out from Mental Floss

From all of us at Galactic Headquarters, thanks for checking out our “Friday Fives”.

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