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Hi All!
Here’s your weekly dose of “Friday Fives,” a list of five things I’ve found worthy, or at least entertaining, during my week.

What?! I ran out of my East 270 supplements!

Most Entertaining Image –

Funny christmas quote.

Right? I saw this and it caught my fancy. Ha ha!

Rocking Video –

Have you ever wondered what actors have to go through to look as good as they do? I’m glad to hear that I’m not the only one that hates the chicken and rice diet. Watch a few minutes. It doesn’t take long to get a general idea.

FYI Of The Week –

Password protect your phone.

Does your iPhone have battery problems? Don’t wait, Apple is giving you $50 off when you bring in your iPhone, but only until December 31st. Hey, older iPhones qualify too. Here’s more.

You Gotta Be Kidding Me –

I’ve had several bear encounters while backpacking. Very humbling when you’re 25 miles from the nearest road. Big and powerful is about the only way to describe them. If this one won the 2018 Big Boy/Girl contest, trust me, that’s a big bear! Check out more here.

Grizzly bear.

Something I learned This Week –

Man getting a good night's sleep.

Zinc and Echinacea… I never knew these two could help rid you of a cold. Maybe two products East 270 should consider. What do you think? Please comment below or comment on our Facebook page.

Here’s some additional information about getting rid of that nasty cold!

From all of us at Galactic Headquarters, thanks for checking out our “Friday Fives”.

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