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Hi All!
Here’s your weekly dose of “Friday Fives,” a list of five things I’ve found worthy, or at least entertaining, during my week.

Most Entertaining Image –

Yes! It’s pizza again. Do I like pizza? No, absolutely not. I LOVE IT! Wishing you all a happy and safe New Year.

Rocking Video –

Rally! I’m a huge fan and admirer of the skill these drivers display. Pure driving. I never knew that there was so much braking action. This is a longer video, but if you have any interest in what goes into driving rally, Tim O’Neil explains it as he goes through the course. Check it out!

FYI Of The Week –

I bet you thought Christmas and gift giving was over… no way! The start of a new year is always a great time to give a gift to the fitness lovers in your life. Here’s a few ideas from the folks at Reader’s Digest.

You Gotta Be Kidding Me –

Yes, you heard me correctly… McDonald’s goes through 2 billion eggs a year. That’s billion with a “B”! Do we love eggs? Of course we do, but here’s a vegan alternative along with other engineering feats of 2018! Check them out here!

Something I learned This Week –

Want to get smarter? Exercise your butt!

Well, your glutes that is. Scientific American has an article dispelling the, “Work your brain to get smarter” idea and focuses on how exercise increases your brain’s plasticity and stimulates new connections. After all, who wouldn’t want to start off 2019 smarter and in better shape?

From all of us at Galactic Headquarters, thanks for checking out our “Friday Fives”.

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