Once upon a time two guys worked for the same building materials manufacturer. They called on engineers and architects, and talked about structural specification for homes and commercial buildings. This manufacturer was the best at what it did, never sacrificing quality or culture for speed, cheap material, or higher profits. Between the two of them they gave 30-years to this manufacturer.

One day they thought, “You know, let’s help other people. We have experience digging through volumes of thick international code books to find answers. We’re not doctors, but why don’t we take our experience and research talent, and start a website that helps people like us decipher the overwhelming amount of information concerning health to technology.”

They thought, “Maybe other people in the 40+ ish catagory of life will appreciate it, and we’re both looking into health and technology and finding hype, misinformation, and useless articles.” Both guys realized that their experience with a world class manufacturer helped to align their thoughts and interest for only providing the most trustworthy, high quality brand of products available. In short, as they decided to launch their website, they vowed to help make the world a better place by not cutting corners or lowering quality.

And, here they are. Two business partners doing what they can to inform people about aging, health, nutrition, technology, and lifestyle. Steve and Sean would like to thank you for your support and appreciate your interest.